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Xsis Blogger Awards Winner Batch 112


Gideon Satrio Ayudinoto

The winner of Blog Competition SAP Batch 112

Starting from the desire to try to get out of the comfort zone, Armed with knowledge about SAP then gideon try to apply to PT Xsis Mitra Utama as Bootcamp SAP ABAP. He also embarked on an adventure in a fun story beginning to meet a beautiful HRD team that added nervous gideon during the interview process. Then enter the Bootcamp class and the learning process is quite challenging. All provided to speed up the process of adaptation while in the project. Gideon passes all with joy, grateful to be supported also by the comfortable office atmosphere and the friendly people making the gideon enjoy through the training process.

Intrigued by the full story gideon? Check in the following link

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